“From this moment, essential for every urban bicycle”


“No air = never go flat”

The expanded-massive structure of the Supreme Dutch airless bicycle tires offers the fully guarantee of never a flat of soft tire. Always the right pressure and a careless cycling experience!

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For under your own bicycle

The patented mounting system inside the Supreme Dutch tires offers the possibility to apply the airless bicycle tire on all types of existing and new bicycle rims. Hereby the airless bicycle tire deforms to the shape of your specific rim, reliable, safe and easy!

Easy setup

It got the looks of a normal valve, but it is the Supreme Dutch installation tool which ensures that anyone can easily install the airless bicycle tires.

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Good grip

The material and the profile threat provide the desired grip properties to be confident in any situation with your tires.


Enjoy of the reliable and comfortable driving experience of the maintenance free Supreme Dutch airless bicycle tires. You will always cyclce with a constant feeling and you do not have to be afraid of getting a flat tire.

available in 28 inch bicycle tires

Striking, powerful and durable. With the Supreme Dutch airless bicycle tires you can optimize your bike to the fully 100%. You will never have a flat tire anymore!

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