Over Ons

Neil en Kevin

Supreme Dutch has a tire designed for all types of bicycles. Its a 4-season tire off the Tour/City category.

We are very excited to introduce the Supreme Dutch bicycle tires on the market!
Supreme Dutch is a Dutch company that developed bicycle tires that never go flat so that all cyclists enjoy a reliable and safer cycling experience. The company was founded in January 2013 by Kevin Kesteloo & Neil van den Haak. Supreme Dutch mission is to eliminate the annoyances with a punctured tire with technological developments.

The Supreme Dutch bicycle tires are made from a combination of polymers and are made in 8 different colors. It is clearly different from the current puncture proof bicycle tires that are available on the market. The Supreme Dutch tire having a closed- cell structure so there is no inner tube with air pressure. The tire has a good comfort, is lightweight, has a high safety and is very durable. With the 8 different colors you can make your bike striking, powerful and aesthetically. With the Supreme Dutch colored tires you can style your bicycle in any color which you like. It will make your bike the eye catcher of the road!

The vision of Supreme Dutch is to eliminate everyday annoyances that people are dealing with. To do this, we constantly challenging the technological innovations and work with great passion on them. Step by step we work this way towards optimized products. We believe that if we take away irritations in humans it will improves the everyday living environment of mankind.

Thank You – Kevin & Neil