100% Maintenance-free

Supreme Dutch is a company based in The Netherlands that develops and produces (bicycle) tires completely without air. After 10 years of development time and a 5-year exclusive partnership with tire brand Schwalbe, Supreme Dutch has opted for a direct B2B business model without intermediaries.

The Airless inner tube has been developed from the idea of being 100% maintenance-free. This has led to an unique product which is a very interesting solution for specific target groups. Supreme Dutch also develops and produces Airless solutions for various Light Electric Vehicles with associated mounting equipment.

Every day, worldwide, tens of thousands of cyclists benefit from the advantages of the Supreme Dutch Airless inner tubes. Your bicycle fleet soon too?


The Airless tires are best suited for all cyclists who prefer puncture protection and a maintenance-free system. The big advantage is that they never have to inflate their tires again during their entire lifespan. For these reasons, bicycle rental, shared bicycle and delivery bicycle parties, among others, choose the Supreme Dutch Airless tyres.

The Airless inner tube has a long service life of 10,000 km+ under normal use. During use, the Airless inner tube is absolutely maintenance-free. In addition, the tire remains good for years, even if it is not driven.

The weight depends on the type and size of the tire. For comparison, an Airless bicycle inner tube in an ETRTO size of 40-622 has a weight of approx. 550 grams.

Yes! The Airless inner tube is used in combination with a ‘regular’ outer tyre. This always means the reliable grip of a rubber tire. Supreme Dutch works closely with various tire brands and the Airless inner tube is usually used with a 4-season tire to maintain optimal grip conditions during all seasons.

The Airless inner tube has convincing cushioning and comfort that always remains consistent. Almost identical to an air bicycle tire with a tire pressure of 3.5 BAR.

The Airless inner tube is durable in use and independent of the weather, which means that there is hardly any noticeable difference in the summer and winter periods. Dynamic-mechanical analysis has shown that even at extremely low temperatures of -20°C (-4°F), the material still has a low dynamic modulus, remains very soft and stretchy and does not stiffen.

Safety is paramount, to ensure this it is only possible to mount the Airless tire using a special mounting tool. These are also made in an electric version to be able to assemble larger numbers per day. These machines are CE approved and have a similar operation to other bicycle assembly machines. The Airless tire is easy to install in less than 5 minutes per wheel using the mounting tool.

Yes, the Airless tires are an ideal solution for electric bicycles. In addition, the airless tire has been extensively tested and meets the requirements of the DIN4210-7 endurance test.

The tires are available from stock in various sizes, so that we can always provide a suitable tire for the bicycle.

The Airless inner tube is recyclable. Supreme Dutch collects the used tubes on location via a recycling program that is provided free of charge. The tires are then fully recycled in the correct manner so that they can be reused in a new product.

Curious about the possibilities for your bicycle fleet? Price request or would you like to receive more information about, for example, the assembly?

Feel free to contact us at: sales@supremedutch.com

Would you like to test first?

Please contact us, Supreme Dutch provides the assembly for a first set of test wheels. The wheels are usually sent by post and returned after a few days. This short turnaround service allows you to test the tires extensively within your fleet.